Directors and Management

Kris Knauer

CEO and Managing Director

Kris started his career as an exploration geologist before moving into investment banking, initially as a mining analyst. He is an experienced listed company CEO. He led the listing of a package of copper/gold assets in Saudi Arabia to create Citadel Resources (ASX: CGG) becoming the Managing Director for the first 18 months. Citadel completed a DFS on the Jabal Sayid copper project in Saudi Arabia prior to being taken over for $1 billion.

Sergio Rotondo

Executive Director

Mr Sergio Rotondo holds a Masters Degree in Economics from University of CEMA and an international MBA Degree from University of CEMA. Sergio has an extensive background in managing billion-dollar construction projects from design through completion, and has partnered with some of Argentina’s largest real estate developers and designers.

Fletcher Quinn

Non-Executive Chairman

Fletcher has over 35 years’ experience in venture capital, corporate finance and investment banking including extensive experience with both listed and unlisted companies, including public company development, management and governance. Fletcher was the foundation chairman for ASX entities Citadel Resources and Sirocco Resources.

Pini Althaus

Non-Executive Director

Mr Althaus is based in New York and has been an Executive in the mining and resource sector since 2002. Pini was most recently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of USA Rare Earth, which acquired and developed the Round Top heavy rare earth and critical minerals project in Texas. As CEO Pini transformed USA Rare Earth from a resource startup to one of the highest-valued rare earth companies in North America.

Additionally, Mr Althaus has experience in the gold sector as the former founder and CEO of Dominion Minerals Corp, which acquired and developed the Cerro Corcha Gold / Copper project in Panama. During his tenure as CEO, Dominion defined a significant open-ended gold and copper deposit with a project NPV in excess of US$500 million.

Scott Funston

CFO and Finance Director

Scott is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary with nearly twenty years’ experience in the mining industry and accounting profession. His expertise is financial management, regulatory compliance and corporate advice. Scott possesses a strong knowledge of the Australian Securities Exchange requirements and has previously assisted a number of ASX listed resources companies as CFO and Company Secretary operating in Australia, South America, Asia, Africa, USA. Most recently he was CFO and Company Secretary of Avanco Resources, a Brazilian focussed copper and gold producer, that was acquired by Oz Minerals Limited.

Current annual demand for gold exceeds mine production with the shortfall made up from costly recycling.

Corporate Directory


Kris Knauer
Managing Director

Sergio Rotondo
Executive Director

Fletcher Quinn
Non-Executive Chairman

Pini Althaus
Non-Executive Director

Scott Funston
CFO and Finance Director

Company Secretary

Scott Funston

Registered Office

Level 1, 1205 Hay Street


(08) 6380 9235


45 123 591 382


Ernst and Young (EY)
11 Mounts Bay Road
Perth  WA  6000

Share Registry

Security Transfer Registrars Pty Ltd
770 Canning Highway
Telephone: (08) 9315 2333
Facsimile: (08) 9315 2233

Securities Exchange Listing

Australian Securities Exchange

183 pounds : the amount of copper in an electric car, five times that in a conventional car.

Corporate Governance

The role of Challenger Exploration’s Board is to set the Company’s strategic direction and objectives. It is collectively responsible for the governance of the Company and for promoting its success.

The Board delegates to management the responsibility for implementing the Company’s objectives and the day-to-day management of the Company, subject to certain limitations on such delegations. The limitations are primarily imposed by approved corporate budgets and corporate strategy which are set by the Board.

Code of Conduct

The Company is committed to ensuring that the Board, senior management and all employees always act with integrity and honesty when interacting with each other and all other key stakeholders, with these values embodied in the Company’s Code of Conduct. The Company will not make or accept any unethical financial inducement that would result in the Company, or an individual, gaining an improper advantage. Unethical financial inducements include bribe, kickbacks and other dealings of an unethical nature.

Share Trading

Directors and key management personnel may only trade in the Company’s securities if they have requested and received the approval of the Chairman prior to purchasing or selling securities and in accordance with the Company’s share trading policy.

Clear restrictions are also placed on the timing of any such transactions.

Continuous Disclosure and Market Communications

The Company has put in place mechanisms designed to ensure compliance with ASX Listing Rule requirements so that all investors will have equal and timely access to material information concerning the Company, including its financial situation, performance, ownership and governance. These processes also ensure that public announcements are factual and presented in a clear and balanced way, disclosing both positive and negative information.


The Company’s objective is to have a workforce that is representative of the countries and communities in which it operates. Our workforce is employed based on the right person for the right job regardless of their gender, age, nationality, race, religious beliefs, cultural background, sexuality or physical ability.

The Company is committed to increasing diversity amongst its employees as it grows, not just in relation to gender diversity, but in its operations in consultation with local community groups and BEE partners/advisors.

A comprehensive description of the Company’s governance practices is available in the Corporate Governance Statement, Charters and related governance policies below:


Corporate Governance

Policies & Procedures

Health, safety, environment and quality are paramaount.